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Top 10 Events & Nightlife in Florence

10. The Red Garter


If you’ve been traveling for days on end and you’re craving a glimpse of home, The Red Garter is the place for you. Known as Italy’s oldest American Bar, this Top 10 Florence nightclub features live music, sports, and steak (doesn’t every one of those words scream America?) But don’t worry, there is still Italian flare weaved into this entire establishment, and they even have karaoke nights. Head down to The Red Garter, grab a drink, and butcher some songs. Open Mon – Sat 4 PM – 4 AM and Sun 11:30 AM – 4 AM. 

9. F.L.O.G.


This multi-purpose Top 10 Florence venue can provide basically any kind of entertainment your heart can possibly desire. Popular amongst Florentines and travelers alike, F.L.O.G. is a small arena that includes a pizzeria, tennis and swimming clubs, and an open-air movie theater. Featuring mainly local bands performing original work, this is an Italian experience for the books. Don’t get flogged down by parking—take the bus or the taxi instead; the cobblestone streets weren’t designed for your SUV.  

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8. Beer House Club

Attention beer lovers! The Beer House Club was a naturally-yeasty contender for our Top Ten Florence breweries! Offering one of the widest selections of beers in all of Tuscany, you will be in brewed heaven. Even if you aren’t a beer fan, the atmosphere and service can’t be beat—you would have to TRY and not have a good time. Join the pursuit of hoppiness and head to the Beer House Club for a cold brew. Open Mon – Sat 12 PM – 1:30 AM and Sun 12 PM – 12 AM. 

7. Viper Theater


If you’re a die-hard music fan, your favorite band has probably traveled to Florence to play specifically at the Viper Theater. Bringing in bands from all over the world, this modern Top 10 Florence music venue has been drawing a crowd since its creation. Holding up to 1,400 screaming Florentine fans, the Viper Theater rocks a warehouse-style interior, adding to the hipster vibes. This crazy place also hosts themed parties, so bring your togas travelers! Open 7:30 AM – 9 PM. 

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6. Rasputin

MAP   SEARCH   +39 055 280 399

Are you looking for a real adventure? To get to this hush-hush, hidden speakeasy in the heart of Florence, you have to first embark on a journey of wonder. Once you find the door (and trust us, this feat could take a while) you will feel as though you’ve been thrown back in time—1930, to be exact. This prohibition-era themed Top 10 Florence nightclub will have you roaring for more vermouth. But not just any swanky traveler can enter: you have to get the password first. Open Mon – Sat 10 PM – 3 AM. 

5. Il Locale

If you are looking for a flashy night out, try this brand-spanking new joint that is drawing Florentines in like crazy. Il Locale serves up some of the finest cocktails in Tuscany that are accompanied by a high-class aperitif platter—oo la la! But don’t be fooled by the modern drinks, the location is in a 15th century area and the theme is Renaissance swag, historians rejoice! Plus, they serve incredible food from land and sea. What more could you need? Open 7:30 PM – 12 AM. 

4. Pinocchio Jazz

MAP   SITE    +39 055 683388

Jazz: the only genre where you can play all the wrong notes and still be the best musician in the room. We are not lying when we say this Top 10 Florence music establishment brings in some of the swankiest jazz and blues artists from the Tuscany region and beyond. With Thursdays being dedicated soul-y to documentaries regarding jazz and blues, you can watch or dance the night away. Plus, there's a student discount! Open daily 1 PM - 12 AM. 

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3. Uva Nera


There was no way we could keep what is rumored to be the best wine bar in Florence off our Top 10 Florence clubs! If you want to literally taste the heart and soul of Tuscany, come drink this unimaginably delicious wine. But don’t come only for the wine, the atmosphere at Uva Nera is the coziest, friendliest set of feels you will ever find. Remember travelers: in Italy, it’s always wine o’clock. Open Mon – Sat 11:30 AM – 10 PM. 

2. Maggio Musicale


When an event has been running since 1933, you know it must be the bomb. The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is an annual arts and opera festival that will literally (well, figuratively) rock your socks off. Being Italy’s oldest music festival, this Top 10 Florence musical extravaganza is rooted in the Renaissance era and draws some of the world’s finest performers. This festival runs in May and is the highlight of the year for Florentines and loyal travelers, some returning every year for the stunning performances. Exact dates and times vary by year. 

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1. Florentine New Year

On March 25th, it's Happy New Year, Florence! This Top 10 Florence celebration begins by parading through the streets in medieval dress (that’s pretty neat!) and then continues into an ALL DAY FEAST. Literally, the feast is from 9 AM – 5 PM. Then all sorts of other shenanigans happen, like concerts, art shows, and whimsical street performances. If you happen to be traveling around this time, this is one New Years Eve party you will be sorry you skipped. Help celebrate a beautiful city! 

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