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Top 10 Shopping in Florence

10. San Lorenzo Market


Just a leather bag’s throw from Piazza Della Signoria (one of our Top Ten Florence attractions!) is San Lorenzo Market—your Top 10 Florence shopping place for all things leather. Custom, hand-made jackets, wallets, handbags: everything you can imagine that can be made out of leather you will find in this market. Both Maurizio’s and Massimo’s Leather shops have great reputations, but prepare yourselves travelers: it’s all about the haggling so make sure you come in ready to bargain! Open daily 9 AM – 7 PM. 

9. Via Maggio


Aren’t antiques wonderful? Grandma had it, mom throws it out, and you buy it back for triple what your grandma paid. But hey, it’s the sentiment that counts, right? For a gorgeous array of antiques, collectibles, and art, head to a charming little Top 10 Florence shopping street called, Via Maggio. Here you will find hidden treasures and rare pieces the innocent traveler may miss - everything from marble statues to oil paintings to tapestries. Make sure to get something for your grandma—who knows, you might find one of her old marble statues… 

8. Mercato Porcellino


Florence is known across the world for its fine leather, so get ready to jump on the leather train, travelers! The building where Mercato Porcellino resides in was built in 1547 to be Tuscany’s market seat and remains a trading hub to this day. Selling everything from scarves to tablecloths to (you guessed it) fine Italian leather, this Top 10 Florence covered market is a great place to find crazy bargains and unique pieces. Don’t forget to rub the wild boar’s nose for good luck! Open daily 9 AM – 6:30 PM. 

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7. Madova


Travelers, you are going to glove this Top 10 Florence shop. Madova has been making some of the finest (if not THE finest) leather gloves in all of Florence since 1919—almost 100 years! That’s some experience, folks. The gloves are hand-made on-site in every style, color, fabric, and size you can possible imagine. With both continuously updated styles and classic collections, all of your glove needs are sure to be met at Madova—you’ll be smitten with their mittens. Open Mon – Sat 10:30 AM – 7 PM. 

6. Museo Gucci

This is not your typical Top 10 Florence shopping destination, travelers. This incredible fashion museum was constructed as a tribute to the Florentine Fashion House on Gucci’s 90th birthday—what an amazing present! But have no fear shoppers, this isn’t only a museum, you can actually shop here too (if you’ve got the change) or you can simply admire the beauty that is Gucci. The store is well known for its availability of limited editions and iconic pieces—cue hipsters. Open Sat – Thurs 10 AM – 8 PM and Fri 10 AM – 11 PM. 

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5. Assunta Anachini

MAP   SITE   +39 055 284977

Known as the oldest children’s clothing store in Florence—Assunta Anachini sells baby clothes of extraordinary quality that are all hand-sewn. This cute little shop offers size availability from newborn to age twelve and has a reputation for unique party gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, and christening gowns. Stop in so you and your babies can travel in Italian style! Open Tues – Sat 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM and Mon – Sat 3:30 PM – 7:30 PM.  

4. Mercato Centrale

Don’t worry foodies, we didn’t forget about you! Chomping onto our Top 10 Florence shopping list is Mercato Centrale—Florence’s indoor food market! Offering the freshest flavors from all over Florence and surrounding Tuscany, this is one delicious site you don’t want to miss. The bottom floor is an open market but the top floor is where it’s at—basically a giant, fresh, gourmet food court! Stop in for ingredients or a yummy meal, either way your tummy will thank you! Open daily 10 AM – 12 AM. 

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3. Sabani Leather

Sure, going to the leather markets is a grand and entertaining experience, but finding a top quality shop with top quality service can be tough. Look no further than Sabani Leather—one of Florence’s (leather) gems. This Top 10 Florence shop goes an extra million miles to make each and every customer feel special and deserving of fine Italian leather. You might not be sure about buying that third handbag, but you’ll be suede. Open daily 9 AM – 7 PM. 

2. Via Tornabuoni


Attention traveling fashionistas: elegantly claiming the most luxurious spot on Top 10 Florence SHOPS is Via Tornabuoni, a classy shopping street in the heart of Florence. Well-known boutique shops including Gucci, Prada, and Cartier call Via Tornabuoni their home, but the fun doesn’t stop there—explore the surrounding off-streets for a collection of other adorable shops. Even if that pair of Gucci shoes isn’t in your budget, it’s always fun to window shop (a.k.a. drool), right? 

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1. Ponte Vecchio


No, you’re not going crazy travelers—yes, Ponte Vecchio is also one of our Top Ten Florence shopping experiences! This crazy old bridge is not only a Florence landmark, it is also chock-full of stunning jewelry shops! This structure is the only remaining medieval bridge in the world that has shops built into it—cool, right? Look for something for your special someone or heck, buy that diamond necklace for yourself! Either way, this is sure to be a quirky and entertaining shopping experience. Individual shop hours vary. 

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