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Top 10 Hotels in Florence

10. La Scaletta Hotel

MAP   SITE   +39 055 283028

Kicking off our Top 10 Florence hotels is a quaint lodge with an exceptional view of the Tuscan skyline.  At La Scaletta Hotel, you are a hop, skip, and a jump from Ponte Vecchio, a ten-minute walk from The Duomo and Uffizi Gallery, and you still get a quiet escape from the buzz of Florence. Offering a complimentary breakfast buffet and welcome cocktails, and featuring a romantic restaurant on the ground floor—La Scaletta will keep you satisfied. Check out 12 PM. 

9. Laurus al Duomo

MAP   SITE  +39 055 238 1752

Attention animal-loving travelers: your pets are welcome at this upscale hotel! Earning the animal’s choice for Top 10 Florence lodging is Hotel Laurus al Duomo; known for its stellar location and views of—you guessed it—the Duomo Cathedral! Enjoy your (complimentary) breakfast on the 6th floor terrace while sipping on Italian espresso and gazing at the gorgeous cathedral. The best part? Fido gets to enjoy it with you—woof! Check out 12 PM. 

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8. Antica Torre

MAP   SITE   +39 055 265 8161

This small, lovely hotel’s slogan is “May we spoil you?” What more can you ask for, travelers? Come be spoiled at this adorable luxury hotel, with a panoramic view of all of Florence and its beautiful waterways. A historic residence, Antica Torre has several rooftop terraces offering views that are to die for and a restaurant with incredible food. As one of the original boutiques in Florence, Antica Torre is sure to charm the pants off anyone who enters this Top 10 Florence hotel. Hopefully not literally… 24-Hour check in, 11 AM check out. 

7. The Four Seasons

MAP   SITE   +39 055 26261

Prepare to be awed! Grandly gracing our Top 10 Florence hotels is The Four Seasons (we are so honored). Four seasons, five stars. This breath-taking hotel takes luxury to the extreme! It boasts individually styled suites with frescoed ceilings and on-site spa facilities. Everything is beautifully decorated in extravagant, modern décor. The hotel is also the home to three marvelous restaurants with swanky bars, so you don’t even have to leave the hotel to party! Check in 3 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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6. The St. Regis

MAP   SITE   +39 055 27161

Another five star beauty in the heart of Florence is the St. Regis: an upscale, refined Top 10 Florence hotel with award-winning charm. Known across the world for providing an incredible experience—The St. Regis in Florence is no different. The luxurious rooms enhance your travels by featuring antique furniture and crystal chandeliers—magnifico! This generous hotel offers complimentary wine and champagne tastings and you can even enjoy complimentary afternoon tea every day. Get your parTEA started! Check in 3 PM, check out 12 PM. 

5. Hotel Brunelleschi

MAP   SITE   +39 055 27370

Named after the infamous architect behind the construction of The Duomo (one of our Top 10 Florence attractions!), this picturesque boutique hotel has everything you could want during your stay in Italy: luxury, location, and amenities. The coolest part: this splendid Top 10 Florence hotel has an on-site private museum for your enjoyment, so you don’t have to stop your historical adventures at the end of the day! Besides, who needs sleep when you have espresso? Check in 2 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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4. Rapallo Hotel

MAP   SITE   +39 055 472412

Traveling families: Rapallo Hotel is where it’s at when it comes to family service. Family-owned and operated, this sweet treat offers 27 delightful, soundproofed rooms and is located off the beaten path of Florence’s city center, making for the ultimate relaxation nation. An added bonus to your inevitable relaxation is the unbelievably reasonable price of the stay—apparently there’s no need to break the bank for luxury! Who knew? 24-Hour check in, check out 12 PM.

3. Hotel David

MAP   SITE   +39 055 681 1695

The king of casual comfort in a bustling city, Hotel David has got leisure down to a science. Located just outside of the city center, but still completely accessible, this Top 10 Florence hotel will give you a much needed break from your busy travels. Housed in a 19th-century building, your complimentary breakfast buffet is served in a dining room full of entertaining antique décor and pizzazz. This hotel is so cool, it’s even David approved. Check in 2 PM, check out 11 AM. 

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2. Hotel Lungarno

MAP   SITE   +39 055 27261

If you came to Italy to bask in the breath-taking, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping art collections the beautiful region has to offer—you will want to stay in this gorgeous hotel. Each room features elegant, original artwork and the hotel itself has a private collection with works by Picasso and Cocteau, so your art enjoyment never has to end! This Top 10 Florence hotel also houses an upscale restaurant and a rooftop bar with amazing Florentine views. Come get your art on! Check out 12 PM.

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1. Portrait Firenze

MAP   SITE   +39 055 2726 8000

Alright swanky travelers, we’ve found the place for you. Portrait Firenze is all about the posh features: cashmere blankets, mood lighting, and chic décor. Adding to the charm are vintage photographs scattered around the facility and riverfront views you wouldn’t believe. Oh, didn’t we mention it’s located on the Arno River? The goal of this Top 10 Florence hotel is to make your stay a ‘portrait’ of you—so make sure you remember to brush those teeth, or who knows what your room will look like… Check in 2 PM, check out 12 PM.  

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